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Secrets of Forbidden Love
Sacred Vows: A True Story of Forbidden Love

A young girl never forgets her first love. Despite the age gap, Candida had a crush on Andrew De Vito since she was eight years old. As time grew, so did her feelings for him. She never thought that one day, he would reciprocate what she felt, but he did. There was only one problem. He was already married—to the church.

Secrets of Forbidden Love: My True Life Story chronicles the improbable love story of author Cándida R. DeVito and Father Andrew and their struggle to be true to themselves in the face of immense cultural and religious scandal. It immortalizes their love in a work that shines with beauty from the author’s heart. The story goes through horrendous trials, doubts and misgivings and passes the gates of eternity in the process of survival.

Within the covers of the book, Candida documents the daily choice that each person must make: either to live a life that honors the truth of who one really is or to live other people’s lives and expectations. This story is about the former and the intense joy and suffering that accompanies this choice.

Not only did Candida have to leave her home and family to be with Father Andrew (later called Frank), they were also ostracized by the community and their family. Still, they fought against all odds for their love.

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